A right Royal top five

7 Apr

Hi everyone

It’s been 3 weeks since our fab concert. I’ve still been singing (in the bath), and bizzarely I’m still singing along to the rehearsal CD every now and then.  With a bit more practise I might be able to remember all the words of ‘Brand New Day’ – I feel your pain Leeds Inspirationers 😉

It was good to catch up with everyone a fortnight ago at the Echo concert. I enjoyed being a member of the audience, dancing and I certainly enjoyed more than a few drinks. On the downside, however, after watching this concert I have found myself trying to do your cymbal noise trick from ‘Land of Confusion’ – I don’t think it’s achievable on my own, so might give it up. After all I don’t want to waste my time, there are videos of cats and toddlers on YouTube that need to watched.

Oh and I must tell you I’ve bought an iPad, which I absolutely love. As I’m a bit of a geek I’ve spent hours and hours (and hours and more hours if I’m honest) finding out what it can do. I’ve Skype-d my friend in America, balked at taking webcam photos of myself (it might be broken as it gives me a double chin), and have managed to sync my what-nots with the Do-Da.

Anyway as I’ve missed writing the blog, I have subscribed to a few others. Wendy in Leeds Inspiration recommended one called ‘Man in his pyjamas’, which is very funny. His latest post mentions a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek competition, which is connected to the 2nd anniversary of the Royal couple Wills and Kate. It caught my eye, after all my heart is light, my tongue is in my cheek (often),  I’m looking for an excuse to write, and the prize of wireless speakers would go lovely with my new iPad.


Here are the details that so appealed to me:


We’re looking for light hearted and tongue-in-cheek suggestions for a music playlist for everyone’s favourite Royal couple, Wills and Kate, to mark their second royal wedding anniversary on the 29th April. The idea is to think about what should be on their anniversary  playlist and come up with your top five songs.

If you have a few minutes to spare and are up for a giggle, all we ask you to do is publish the suggested playlist (five songs) on your blog then tweet the link to @PanasonicUKPR with #PanasonicNESeries by midnight on Sunday 21st April. The top three best playlists will receive a Panasonic NE Series – worth £249 each, and the competition opens on Monday 8th April.

[Extract taken from www.maninhispyjamas.com 07.04.13]


It’s connected with music, which we all love, so I thought I’d enter and give my light hearted, tongue-in-cheek and hopefully funny top five anniversay playlist for the Royal couple.




1. ‘Love and Marriage’ (Frank Sinatra). This song would serve as a lovely memory of the Royal Wedding Day. Kate arrived at Westminster as a commoner and came out to a Royal procession. As the song goes “Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like One’s Windsor Gray and Diana’s State Landau carriage’



2. ‘Air on a G-string’ (Bach). A classical piece which melds together Wills and Kate in its title, him being the heir and her liking for wearing bikini bottoms only on French holidays.



3. ‘Pomp up the pram’ (Technotronics). Of course, everyone is now very excited about the Royal baby. I’m sure Wills and Kate are getting ready for the big event, clearing out the spare room, stocking up on nappies and buying the saving stamps at Morrisons. So I’m certain that Kate will have turned to Will and said ‘pomp up the pram, pomp it up ……… look ahead the crowd is jumpin’



4. ‘Prince Charming’ (Adam and the Ants). Wills and Kate like to show they are real people, and not cold, distant Royals. So to celebrate their 2nd anniversary I think they would have a night in and get a takeaway. She’d play this song to him over their chinese takeaway, and she’d playfully sing – ‘Don’t you ever, don’t you ever. Stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome. Don’t you ever, don’t you ever.  Stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome. Prince Chow mein. Prince Chow mein’



5. ‘We’ll mate again’ (Vera Lynn). In the past the Royal couple would be wishing for a boy, so he could become King. But with changes to the law of succession, modern Royals don’t lose their heads over such things any more, and life is much fairer. So if the Royal first-born is a girl, she would become Queen, even if she has a younger brother. I imagine that Kate and Wills will be wanting more than one child, so I can see her singing to him ‘we’ll mate again, don’t where, don’t when, but I know we’ll mate again some sunny day’



Well that’s my top five to celebrate the 2nd anniversay of when One and One, became one (as the Spice Girls might say).  Perhaps you have some playlist suggestions of your own? Please comment and make me feel saner 😉


See you all in May when choir starts again. I don’t know if I’ll join the hi-tech singers and bring my iPad. Although it might be useful – its lighter than a heavy music file, I can play Angry birds on it during any ‘note bashing’, and it’ll be useful to FaceTime from the balcony to a hi-tech sop below to ask for a Verkel Zern.

Good luck to all Leeds Inspirationers who are going mad learning ‘Brand New Day’ and Zulu chanting for The Lion King. We’ve all been there.


See you soon

Lorraine xx


2 Responses to “A right Royal top five”

  1. maninhispyjamas (@maninhispyjamas) April 8, 2013 at 9:15 am #

    Good Top 5 – like it! I have a small favour to ask – can you contact me please sam@mainhispyjamas.com as I can’t see a ‘contact me’ on your blog. Speak soon.

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