This is (nearly not quite) the hour

28 Apr

Hi everyone

Just a quick hello before we start choir again on Wednesday. It’s come around again quickly hasn’t it? A lot can happen in that 4 weeks or so break, some of us sang in Echo concerts, some got married, some literally had a break/broke a leg, and the rest of us well we were all stuck indoors trying to remember ‘Brand New Day’.

There’s a few things to attend to before rehearsals start again:

1. Find the tenor pencil
2. Dig your water bottle out from the bag you packed for the concert
3. Admit defeat with whether it’s “everybody look around? Look up? Or come out?”The only thing to rejoice was that learning Zulu ended up being easier than that particular combination of English words
4. Pat down your Normas. They won’t get another airing for a term or two 😉
5. Stock up on wine/port/bubble bath for your home rehearsals
6. A new item for this term is charge up your iPads. It seems the Hi-tech Sop has started off a trend. Either that or we’re all addicted to Candy Crush!
7. Something I’ve just remembered whilst writing this list. Ring the Sage and pay for this term. Nearly forgot, I don’t want to be put on debtors row (though that might be an upgrade from the naughty row)
8. Scan the new concert numbers for potential funnies. Decide which one will be our nemesis (Masquerade falls into both categories I think)

Look forward to Wednesday with Mark/Andy at the helm. If I don’t see you beforehand, I’ll FaceTime you during warm up.

See you soon

Lorraine x

Written from my iPad as an experiment. Or as we say in Newcastle written from my Y I Pad as an experiment


One Response to “This is (nearly not quite) the hour”

  1. bob gladwin April 28, 2013 at 4:50 pm #

    Hi LorraineThank you once again for a very ‘newsy’ and entertaining blog – your preparation list will be very handy. I noticed in my diary that we start rehearsals this Wednesday but oddly enough havn’t received any official confirmation from The Sage. I did in fact checked back in my pre-war cheque book just to check that had paid – I had!I look forward to seeing you.Kindest personal regardsBob

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