Little Shop of Horrors Week

19 May

Hi everyone

Just a quick post for week 3 because I am slightly hungover very busy.

We got straight into funky warm ups with the ‘Ba Da Da’ shoulder moves, side stepping, thigh slapping and hand clapping thrown in. There was a little bit of singing going on too, but I think not much harmony based on Mark’s comment of ‘there was a soupcon of a right note in there ………… somewhere’.

We were encouraged to get more funky in the funky warm ups, otherwise I might have to rename them the ‘I am so British and slightly embarrassed warm ups’ which doesn’t have the same ring to it. Mark wanted us to be less buttoned up and to relax; but don’t unbutton too much ladies or the men might suddenly see more 😉

Mark gave a clear explanation of how you can’t stop the beat and the differences between classical/pop music. Along with sidekick Phil he demonstrated reacting to the beat, or anticipating the beat. We then did some exercises to see if we could keep up with his conducting. I was glad of this technical part of the rehearsal, because for the last 10 years my rule has always been to sing 1 nano-second after the person to the left of me. So now I have no excuse (give or take the odd Big Norma, broken leg in a sparkly pink cast, or corner of a file blocking my view) and I will be able to follow the conductor no matter what the style.

Next we moved onto enunciation of the words in ‘Phantom of the Opera’, with our old friend Big Norma popping out up in Bar 18 with the double DDs of ‘And do’. We tried to be menacing too, but for us Altos it is so difficult to act totally out of character.


Phantom of the Op-purrer. Run and hide though the face will still pursue you.

Phantom of the Op-purrer.
Run and hide though the face will still pursue you.


For the bulk of the rehearsal we concentrated on ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and even managed to do the whole thing. Not perfectly you understand, but done and dusted with a rather broad brush. No treat of seeing more for the men (this week), but by the end of the medley the basses sounded very much like Superman.


Basses singing 'can you read my mind'. Weren't they super?

Basses singing ‘can you read my mind’. Weren’t they super?


So a pretty productive week in all. I’m off to do some homework now, but first I think I’ll lie down and have a rest. I might even start my brainwashing session for the words in ‘Masquerade’ …… Sue Von Trapp Straker and I loved singing this one last time and making up new words to it (there’s a corker which I’ll tell you about as and when it happens).

See you next week.

Lorraine x


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