15 Jun

Hi everyone

This week there were no funky warm ups, so that must mean we are funky enough. Although come to think of it there were no weird warm ups either, so I hope that doesn’t mean we’re weird enough too 😉

The warm ups were the usual ‘Oooo, Aaaaahhhh’s and we even chipped in without asking and arranged our own harmonies at one point.

I’d done my homework in ‘Long Ago and Far Away’ which made this a bit easier. I liked this better after hearing the harmonies, and especially the change from straight to swung quavers.


Of all the quavers. Cheesy are my favourite (and yes it has to be the 14 pack)

Of all the quavers. Cheesy are my favourite (and yes it has to be the 14 pack)


The focus of the rehearsal was on note bashing the new numbers, where we provide backing for the soloists. We did Lusty May first, she’s a close friend of Big Norma and June is busting out all over.

For ‘Lusty Month of May’ I hadn’t managed to do my homework, but I had a really good excuse for not doing it. My telephone line and t’internet have been off due to crossed wires (literally). This happened on Monday night when I came home to a man up a pole in my street (wahey), the phone wasn’t working but I thought ‘man + pole = fault’ so it’ll sort itself out. The phone came back on shortly after, but as I was eating my 14 packs of Quavers evening meal the phone rang and I was asked ‘is Ken there?’ Wrong number I thought and got back to my Quavers meal. Two more calls later, both for Ken, I realised I had a fault and the man up the pole had gone. Ken himself eventually rang and we realised the lines had been crossed, so he had my calls and I had his. Hours later I managed to report the fault, but had to wait a week for the man up the pole to come back to fix it. In the meantime I have made a new friend in Ken, and I think I’ll end up being invited over to his on Christmas Day for lunch.

Anyway I digress, sorry about that. The upshot is that I hadn’t been able to download or listen to the new MP3s.

As my ‘tra-la tra-la’s were a bit tentative, I came home and tried to note bash them myself on the piano. However I think my piano must be broken, because it doesn’t play the right notes at the right tempo, AND it sounds nothing like Mark’s. I did this a few nights in a row and it had obviously rubbed off on me. I was sitting in my living room ‘tra- la-la-la-la-ing’ on my own, like you do and I nearly died laughing with what happened next. My neighbour sang ‘tra-la-la-la-la’ back to me through the wall, like a semi-detached cuckoo echoing back to me through a forest. So I don’t need the downloads anymore, as we have it sussed between us. My neighbours have been great this week haven’t they?


There was more note bashing after the break

There was more note bashing after the break


Dirty laundry good gracious me. Dirty laundry aired out for all to see.

Dirty laundry good gracious me. Dirty laundry aired out for all to see.


We ended with ‘Raise Your Voice’ which I have nearly off by heart. I’m still finding this difficult and can’t get the last few verses. I always feel like by the time we’ve raised it to another level that must be the end; but there’s blast it, blare it, stand and share to get through which is the part where I raise a sweat and forget. I got a bit worried in the Latin bits as I could hear everyone else putting some good accents on ‘benedicimus’ (which I’m not doing).

Could someone help me out and do a phonetic version of how I should be saying the whole ‘Laudamuste’ bit? The whole ‘darb-eight seater cosy yay too’ was very helpful last term, as was ‘pied a gove knee’. Once I know what I should be singing, then I can try to fit the words into the bars provided and keep them going underneath the ‘Glorias’.

I left rehearsals tired and with lots of homework to do. I’ve been ‘tra-la-la-ing’ to myself all week, but made the unfortunate link with the Banana Splits this morning. So apologies to all if after a ‘tra-la-la’ I automatically go into ‘one banana, two banana, three banana, four’.

See you all next week and happy word learning.

Lorraine x


ps. For all those under the age of 35 here are the Banana Splits:


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