Words, words, words

23 Jun

Hi everyone

This is just a quick post from my YI pad because I am swotting and trying to learn my words (honestly I am). I’m resisting the urge to surf the Internet for pictures of cats and other rubbish, so I can write this quickly. Although writing itself is another form of procrastination, so perhaps I should just do a Dover and how shall I phrase it – “move your bleeding a***”

Hey I read your mind then. That’s “move you bleeding alto” and not what you were thinking 😉

We’ve had 2 rehearsals this week, and both have been hard work but still fun. We’ve got loads to learn. As we’re always up for a challenge, bring it on choirmaster Mark!

I’ve been brainwashing myself with the CD and writing out words, drawing pictures, and grasping at ways to make the words stick.

But I’ve got a few little sticking points :

– ‘Raise Your Voice’ – Why is this more difficult than Zulu?

– In ‘Long Ago and Far Away’ – I always have children up and down my spine. No wonder my back is sore.

– The ‘Fishermen of England’ always go down to the sea in flames. Making this more like a Seth Lakeman shipwreck song, than a song from a musical.

– My sleepy cat nearly jumped out of her skin when I shouted “yee ow” in ‘Oklahoma’. She can’t believe she has been landed with such a strange pet human, and I’m sure she is planning her escape.

– I think my brain is too full with ‘Raise Your Voice’ to cope with ‘Masquerade’. When I try to sing with the mix CD I can’t remember if I’m ghoul, goose, beast, merry or suddenly Seymour. Can anybody find me somebody to ……… copy?

– Loved the stand up ‘Sit Down’ directions in rehearsals. I’ve had sit down, sit down, rocking the boat going through my head all night. Not sure if it was the alto version, but hoping it is.

– Lastly my Alto rehearsal CD has decided to go on strike and won’t always play in the car. In the house it jumps sometimes, so often I belong to Ok la la la la …..la homa which is a bit annoying (especially if rehearsing in the bath with a glass of wine).

Have I worn out the tracks on my CD by playing them over and over, on and on and on and on. Or are the CDs cheap and scratch easily?

Best get back to some serious study now. Look forward to Wednesday’s rehearsal, though a bit scared at being off the books for most of the songs. Suppose it’s the only way to find out what I really don’t know, and then work on that.

See you soon

Lorraine x


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