The 1st by heart rehearsal

6 Jul

Hi everyone

I’ll make this a short post as I know you will all be sunbathing learning your words.

Wednesday was our first by heart (BH) rehearsal this term. Before doing a full run through we worked on the 4 additional songs. The songs in which we are backing singers for our excellent soloists. I’ve listened to the choir parts over and over, but it was a different thing altogether trying to sing along with the soloists. Wasn’t it difficult to remember all the ‘tra la la’s,  ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’s, ‘more’s the woe – oh!’ and those swelling ‘oooos’ of ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat’?

It was a scary test but at least now I know what I don’t know, and I also have a big list of things to work on.


We all helped Sara find Freddie Mercury

We all tried to find our inner Freddie Mercury


For me these 4 songs are still a work in progress. It’s funny that the words I feel most confident with are ‘and what comes next well heaven only knows’ from ‘Dirty Laundry’. I think that must be the word learning part of my brain playing tricks on me 😉

Then it was a full BH run through, which was another learning experience. I was pleased with myself in some areas, I think I’ve nearly got ‘Masquerade’ and at long last ‘Raise Your Voice’. I’d almost forgotten about ‘The Fishermen of England’ but it was quite rousing, and it is now growing on me.

I feel like I’m on track, but overall there are some definite gaps in my learning.


There were definite gaps in my learning

Suddenly Seymour is standing beside you


My problem is that I’d been concentrating so much on ‘Masquerade’ that I had let some of the others slip. My plan for this week is to keep listening to all of the songs whilst looking at the sheet music, so that I don’t start making up words along the way. It’ll have to be an intensive brainwashing session, but I want to be as ready as I can for Saturday’s concert.

Poor Mark must have been worn out after the rehearsal, and he ended with a motivational chat to help keep us all on track. Don’t worry Mark we might all be sunbathing, but we have our iPods plugged in as well.


04 too many words


I missed the rehearsal with Andy on Thursday, but from comments on Facebook/Twitter/Bongo drums/the grapevine/good old-fashioned telephone it sounds like it all went well. Andy is back again on Wednesday to check out our ‘ooo’s and ‘tra-la-la’s. So I look forward to that.

See you all on Wednesday for the last rehearsal before the dress rehearsal. All of which is BH of course.

Happy word learning!

Lorraine x


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