Our new inflatable choir has its last rehearsal

11 Jul

The last rehearsal

Hi everyone

I can’t believe that yesterday’s rehearsal was the last one this term. Doesn’t time fly when you’re constantly plugged into an iPod listening to ‘Tra La’s and ‘OOooooo’s? What will keep me awake at night next week without my favourite earworm? Last night I was kept awake by ‘The Fishermen of England’ – I’ll miss them when the concert is over.

Another thing I can’t believe is this weather, as now we’ve had nearly a week of unbroken sunshine in Newcastle. It has been so warm that I might have to cut peep-toes into my wellies and paint my toenails. Let’s hope that the hot and sticky weather is here to stay, as it seems to have helped with making the words stick. Hooray!


Eeee well I've raised a sweat, what's next again?

Eeee well I’ve raised a sweat, what’s next again?


Mark and Andy took us through the whole concert last night, and there wasn’t a book in sight (a music book I mean, Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t count).  We’d all worked hard through the week, listening to the rehearsal tracks in the car, in the bath, in the garden, and well pretty much anywhere and everywhere. So we were more confident with the words, and even dabbled in a spot of dancing (although to the wrong numbers as Andy pointed out).


He's there the Phantom of the Opera...ah ah ah ah ....staying alive ...

He’s there the Phantom of the Opera…ah ah ah ah ….staying alive …


Just before the break we had time to thank Mark and Andy for their expert vocal coaching and general musicality (is that a real word? If not then it is now sorry). We also gave a big thanks to Sue who does a fabulous job, and our lovely helpers Mal, Lindsay, Jill and Sheila. We had the chitchat about Saturday, though disappointingly I am still not sure who is bringing what foodwise. I get all nervous on concert day if I don’t sit next to the people with the best cakes and food. It’s a J-lo diva request of mine 😉


Just a splash of red will do for Saturday

Just a splash of red will do for Saturday



cancanyWe survived the 2nd half and even managed to add in some dance kicks at one singular sensational point

Andy remarked that we sounded like the hissing choir, so we need to be careful with our ‘Ssssssssssss’ sounds. Have you heard about the inflatable choir before? Well the inflatable choir  have an inflatable choirmaster, inflatable singers, inflatable pianist, inflatable music and all rehearse in an inflatable church. One day a naughty inflatable alto brought a big pin into the inflatable church, and slyly stuck a pin into every inflatable thing she could see. The inflatable choirmaster was disappointed and said “not only have you let me down, you’ve let yourself down, you’ve let the choir down, you’ve let the piano down, you’ve let the church down” etc. Groan! Ok I know that was terrible, I’ll stop making the hiss now I promise.

We got to sing ‘The Fishermen of England’ twice, which was probably why they kept me up during the night. This song had obviously sent a subliminal message to one of the altos, who was getting into character without knowing it and had brought in her black and white Geordie bag with the words “porfect for fish heeds” on it. (I’ve just put the words ‘Geordie bag’ into Google to try to get a picture, and it has brought up images of the Geordie Shore cast – hilarious!)

Look forward to singing with all of you on Saturday. Good luck and last minute word learning to everyone who is singing this weekend in the Newcastle and Leeds concerts. Some will be singing in both concerts, which will be fun and exhausting for them. Our lovely Gary Saunders will top that by not only singing in Newcastle’s concert on Saturday, but also travelling to Leeds on Sunday, completing a 10km run for charity there, and then singing in the Leeds concert on Sunday night. So extra good luck to him, you crazy fool 😉

I’ll write again next week with a special concert blog. So special that it might even contain something about the music and not just photos of cats. Speaking of which here’s one I can’t resist adding.



See you Saturday.

Never mind bringing the music, please bring cake instead.

Lorraine x


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