There’s snow business like snow business

28 Sep

Hi everyone

Well it’s back to Inspiration rehearsals, and although you were all on week two it’s my first week back. What a difference a week makes!


Living the high life last week

Living the high life last week


I’m not sure if you heard, but last week Greece was the word. Not the Olivia Newton John type of ‘Grease’, although I was on a few occasions a Pink Lady, more of a Shirley Valentine-esque Greece. I’ve been to Skiathos where they filmed ‘Mamma Mia’ and it was lovely. I found myself saying “gorgeous” nearly every other word, the gorgeous blue seas were gorgeous along with the gorgeous, ‘erm gorgeous weather. You get the idea I’m sure that I’ll never be a travel writer!

It was two much needed weeks of sunshine, laughter and Abba songs. I’ve laughed so hard that my sides ached, and for a while I forgot about my back pain. We hired a catamaran to sail around Skopelos, stopping off to swim in secluded bays (secluded until we got there and wrecked the peace). We even tried a bit of synchronised swimming, although hopes of our display making it to the next Olympics were sunk through our over indulging; this wasn’t the only reason for our failure of course, as we couldn’t find any nose clips (we’d have looked plain silly using clothes pegs). The rest of the holiday was spent eating, drinking and trying to say “Ken Dodd’s Dad’s (daggy) dog’s dead” after a few Bacardi and Cokes. It really was gorgeous – see I’m doing it again!


Meanwhile back in Newcastle. It won't be long before we'll all be there with the snow

Meanwhile back in Newcastle. It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with the snow


Anyway back to Wednesday’s rehearsal. I wasn’t feeling in that much of a Christmas mood to be honest and walking along the high street to rehearsal added to this. I felt flung back into real life and unsure of the day/month/season. Sainsbury’s seemed to have Halloween costumes and fireworks on display, there’s probably Easter eggs too if I’d looked hard enough. The charity shops had party dresses (to cover any Newcastle party occasion – backless, strapless, frontless), Christmas cards/trees, and several large balls of cotton wool with red hats on which I think were Santas.

After a quick catch up and eventually finding my way to my seat it soon began to look a lot more like Christmas. In the warm ups I found it difficult to locate my diaphragm muscles, or to even to turn sideways, after my holiday eating bonanza. But I was able to pick up my chest(s) and hiss along with the rest of you, there was even time for a silent hiss too which is always more difficult. No I’m not making the hiss this is really what happened 😉

Some warm ups are like riding a bike with stabilisers ….. nah, nah, nah, NAHHH


The Christmas feeling started for real with ‘White Christmas’.  This is a bit of a killer for diction, especially for someone from Newcastle who recently had their English corrected by a Greek man. Honestly fancy writing a Christmas song about Christmas Cards and Children, bah humbug!

I enjoyed singing ‘Snow’ and although I’d love to see a great big man (entirely made of snow obviously as this is a family show) I can’t say I have a burning desire to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow. At one point I lost my place in the music and had to ask where we were up to – ‘Snow’ was the very helpful reply. So I was still lost in a blizzard of snow, snow, snow and just plodged around in that for a while.

Washing our hands, face and hair with ‘Snow’


We ended with ‘Jesus You Are Him’ which some how managed to pop back into my head during the night. Isn’t it weird when that happens? It was an enjoyable rehearsal, although Christmas in September is still a bit of a shock. Good to see Gary back with us and nice to see Mark’s head keeping time at the piano.

I’ll have to download the rehearsal tracks because my CD player has packed in and won’t play any discs; I realise this excuse can only last a few weeks so I’m off to fill up my iPod now with snow, Hallelujahs and Howay in the Manger.

See you all next week.

Happy holiday home rehearsals to one and all.

Lorraine xx


3 Responses to “There’s snow business like snow business”

  1. Viv Hall September 28, 2013 at 11:17 pm #

    Have been following your blogs for a while Lorraine – all I can say is thank you soooo much – you are a tonic at any time. From one alto (albeit an alto 1!) to another – keep up the good work girl, I think you’re amazingingly (is that a real word – oh heck, showing my ignorance) funny!! Love being a part of the Inspiration family. Viv Hall

    • singingalto2 September 28, 2013 at 11:22 pm #

      Thanks for the lovely feedback Viv. Glad you enjoy reading these posts, it’s nice to be able to share the laughs we have in rehearsals (as well as all that hard work with word learning). Lorraine


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