Weird warm ups and a bit of Gary Bingo

6 Oct

Hi everyone

Week 3 already and we’re all getting into the Christmas spirit. The rehearsal started with some of Gary’s weird warm ups, the ones that test your mind, singing and coordination. We had to put our hands at the side of our heads and raise them as we sang lower. I found this quite difficult, but mainly because I kept thinking of Steps.

Tragedy! – Ooops I mean ooh, ooh ,ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, OOOOOHHH


Gary then moved on to activating our fricatives (ooh young man). I actually wrote down ‘frigative’ and had to look it up to realise I’d heard/spelt it incorrectly. These are the Vvvvv, Zzzzz, and Ssssss exercises that tickle your top set. The ones I like to think of as the ‘hockle and spit on your pals warm up’.



Vvvv …. Zzzzzz ……. and Sssss are impossible to do without making a funny face


We covered lots of songs this week including ‘Jesus You Him’ and lots of ‘Snow’ filled ones. For anyone that was playing ‘Gary Bingo’ (his term not mine, but I like it) and trying to spot his stock phrases there was a chance to cross off “don’t look at your music basses, as it hasn’t helped yet”.

Sweating for “Hands on knees. Your own knees”


More snow with ‘Snow’ (Berlin) which was slow and moody. Gary has put a link to the original in the Inspiration forum, but I’ve added it here as well because one can never have enough snow.



Alarmingly for me we went through some oldie favourites (‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and ‘Hark, the Herald Angels Sing’) and I quickly remembered I hadn’t sung them before. I missed one of the Christmas concerts as I’d had a back operation and instead came to watch the performance. I can remember sitting in the audience bubbling through all of it, and scaring the man sitting next to me as he passed paper hankies to me. So that means I’ve got some catching up to do and I’m not as far ahead as I first thought.

We ended with singing ‘Believe’ to the newbies who hadn’t sung it before. A few altos were trying to jump from the balcony to get a spot downstairs to listen this performance but they decided it was too risky. It’s hard for me to believe I can still remember the words, but I managed (except for my quandary whether trains move swiftly or quickly). Hooray I’m a Believer (nearly).

Another good rehearsal and a bit of homework to do for next week. Ha ha I’m still messing on with CDs and downloads.

See you all next week for a game of Upstairs go Downstairs and vice versa.

Lorraine x

ps. Leeds Inspirationers there was no sign of Frank Spencer this week, so I’m looking forward to him popping up soon.


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