It won’t be long before we’ll all be there …… with Snow

30 Nov

Hi everyone

I can’t believe this term is nearly over and this time next week we’ll be singing at the Sage. The time has just flown by!

Wednesday’s rehearsal started with one of our favourite warm ups. The one that makes your tongue tickle and gives you a chance to spit on the person in front of you. We all Vvvvvv, ZZzzzzzzzz and FFffffttt to Gary’s command. The rule seems to be the more you contort your face, the easier the exercise becomes.





With tickled tongue fully tickled, we went on to a right old tongue twister. I found this really difficult and once I’d got it wrong it went from bad to worse. At one point I was singing ‘I want a proffer cuff of coppee in a proper coffer coppee top’ and I never properly recovered from there. I generally don’t get on with tongue twisters very well, as think I have been scarred for life by the Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead one that we played on holiday.



I want a proper cup of coffee in a proper copper coffee pot


We sang a full run through of the concert to a small audience, and to those choir members quarantined in lurgy corner. We started with the second half and ended with the first half, because that’s how we rock and roll. I won’t go through each song, mainly because I haven’t written down the order.

I seem to be having the most trouble with ‘White Christmas’ – it’s the key changes that are catching me out. It takes me about 4 bars each time to pitch it right, so that I wade in loudly with ‘just like the ones I used to know’ or ‘with every Christmas card I write’. So I think I’ll either stick with this Norman Collier version, or I’ll be singing the tune all the way through.


Becoming adrift in a white Christmas

Becoming adrift in a white Christmas


In ‘Hard Candy Christmas’ we sang our bit with the soloists and Gary thought we sounded too choral. His weird request was “do you know the sound an electric guitar makes? Well try to put some of that into your voice.” It’s difficult to go from ‘White Christmas’ yodelling to twangy ‘Hard Candy’ but he seemed to be pleased with our efforts.

In ‘Hark, the Herald Angels Sing’ we had fun emphasising the breathing between words, although I don’t think Gary meant for us to shrug shoulders, raise eyebrows and laugh every time. I’ll try to do that sensibly next week.


There's a hint of big Normas showing in 'Hark, the Herald Angels Sing'

There’s a hint of big Normas showing in ‘Hark, the Herald Angels Sing’


This rehearsal gave me an idea of what I need to work on:

  • The Westlife moments in ‘White Christmas’
  • Trying not to say ‘tights and Carols’ in ‘Happy Holidays’. I was fine on this until last week when I posted that photo of the dogs in tights, and now that is all I can visualise when the song starts.
  • I keep singing ‘may the catalogue keep bringing Happy Holidays to you’. This is deeply embedded now and I fear it will never correct itself to calendar.
  • Progressing from yodelling catlike sounds in ‘White Christmas’ to Dolly twang for ‘Hard Candy Christmas’


Imagine if Gary adds choreography to the already chaotic 'Snow' by Berlin

Imagine if Gary adds choreography to the already chaotic ‘Snow’ by Berlin


It was a good rehearsal and Gary seemed pleased with our performance. At the end he asked us if we felt ready for the concert and everybody shouted yes. I’m not ready though – I’m not sure what top I’m going to wear for a start, or shoes, and then of course there’s the problem of what to take in my packed lunch 😉

I love the Christmas concert and I think Marks & Spencer’s food hall does as well, given the amount of mince pies and cake we brought in last year.

I’m off now to practice some words and listen to ‘White Christmas’ (again!)

See you all on Wednesday for the final rehearsal.

Lorraine xx



2 Responses to “It won’t be long before we’ll all be there …… with Snow”

  1. bob gladwin November 30, 2013 at 6:17 pm #

    Hi Lorraine Thanks for another hugely entertaining ‘Blog’. I actually missed Wednesday but turned up Saturday morning for a rehearsal to predominantly empty hall. I just went upstairs and did a full run on my own without the book. See you Wednesday then it’s M & S on Saturday for goodies in between shows. Kindest regards. Bob Gladwin Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 17:14:31

    • singingalto2 November 30, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

      Ah Bob what a shame. Wish I’d known we could have done a duet. See you soon! Lorraine

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