The night of many key changes

11 Oct

Hi everyone

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any weird warm ups, so it was good to be reminded of an old favourite the “Vvvvv, Zzzzz, FffftT” one. I always find this exercise difficult and funny in equal measures. It’s funny because I have to try very hard not to laugh at the screwed up faces of my friends around me (during the exercise I mean, not before it even starts I must clarify). I also like to imagine how weird it must all sound to any non-Inspirationer who happens to be passing. Take for example one of the members of Slimming World on their way to the class next door.


“Vvvvvv”……………………….. [Slimmer: What was that?] ………………………….”Zzzzzzzz” …………………………[There it is again] ……….. “Zzzzzzzzzzz”…………….. [What the……..? ] .. “FffffT”


Even though I’ve been attempting these exercises for a number of years, I still find them difficult. But I did concentrate and give them a good attempt. I even tried to take written notes on locating your diaphragm, but I wasn’t able to get much down on paper as my hands were full looking for boney lumps 😉

We started to swing our quavers in preparation for some Gospel singing. I thought we might be in for some cowboy stance loin-girding, but that joy must be coming to us another time.


Swing your Nar Nars like no-one is watching

Swing your Nar Nars like no-one is watching


Gary had already thanked Mark for taking last week’s rehearsal in his absence. He was dying to hear all our hard work on the opening of ‘Frozen’ – that Geordie bit y’knaa? In a change to our usual schedule Gary asked Mark to swap places, and for him to lead us in our chanting, whilst Gary played piano. “I’ll be fine” Gary quipped en route to the piano “it’s a cappella”. 

He was able to nick Mark’s jokes too, such as giving the sopranos a high B as their starter note. He did well, give or take the odd “oops”, nothing at all like Les Dawson. For the young ‘uns here’s a taster clip of Les/Gary as next week’s a cappella accompanist.




As soon as we started singing I realised that although I kind of know the ‘Frozen’ Alto line, I had forgotten the sound and pronunciation of the words. This was down to the fact that I had been listening to the track whilst driving, or in the bath, or washing the dishes. All times when I didn’t have the music in front of me. On top of that I had also been singing my own mash up of real words and Geordie words, which I regretted immediately whilst trying to sing it properly in rehearsal. I was genuinely shocked when I heard the men starting with the correct words, as my version was something like “haha howay ya bugger. Aye ya Naaa”. So that’s a good lesson for me to stop messing on, and to learn the words and music together.

I think it all sounded good in the end and Mark seemed pleased. He loves Disney now you know and this is the reason why. He played a trick on his girlfriend Angela when they were out on a picnic, and just so happened to ‘bump into’ a photographer friend of his. He convinced her to mime and dance with him to ‘Love is an open door’ and this was the surprise outcome.



So that explains the leap from Sonata Arctica to Disney. He’s an old romantic isn’t he?

The winner of the song most likely to go ‘by heart’ the earliest this term goes to ‘Jesus, Light of the World’ by next week. I might be alright with this, not only as there are no Geordie chants in it, but also because I won’t be at the rehearsal. I’ll give you a clue where I’m going …….


Everything the light touches is known as Sunderland

Everything the light touches is known as Sunderland


The remainder of the rehearsal was taken with the many key changes in ‘Pure Light’. So many key changes that even Westlife might not be able to step up to them. I think this will be a brainwashing number. At the minute the only thing that sticks in my mind is the massive “ahs” in bar 150 – TICK – I’ve got that one 😉

I had to leave early to watch the Great British Bake Off so didn’t get a chance to sing ‘Pure Light’ all the way through (and in order), but waiting outside for my lift I could hear it very clearly and it sounded lovely. I’m sure there’ll soon be a crowd of seasonally confused ‘Trick or Treaters’ gathered outside for a freebie concert.

I’ll see you in a few weeks time. I’ve put myself in the mood for an impromptu practise session now. If only I could waterproof my music file, I’d be able to sing in the bath AND learn the correct words. Now that would be progress.

Happy bathing word learning.

Lorraine xx


One Response to “The night of many key changes”

  1. Cynthia Hall October 12, 2014 at 11:05 am #

    Brilliant as always, love the Les/Gary bit xx

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