Gloria Gloria and a canny few sheep

1 Nov

Hi everyone

I enjoyed Wednesday’s rehearsal, it was fun wasn’t it? I especially liked the bit at the start just before our warm-ups. We were all poised and waiting to hum along to ‘Silent Night’, and then a phone started ringing. After the obligatory pantomime “ooohs” we all looked to blame one another, and then decided it must be Susie. Poor Susie who was sitting on her own feeling ill with a pre-Christmas sore throat and cold, minding her own business but now with 300 people pointing at her.


Hoy you in lurgy corner switch off the phone

Switch off the phone you sitting up there on skid row,  lurgy corner


Susie took it in good spirit (purely medicinal) and quickly got back to her game of Angry Birds.

Gary was ready for a full rehearsal and he certainly put us through our paces. To be honest I wasn’t really in a singing mood, but by break time I was singing my heart out like the rest of you.


From Grumpy to Disney Diva in one rehearsal

From Grumpy to Disney Diva in one rehearsal


When we reached ‘Gloria H’ as it’s called in my file index. That’s H for Hamilton by the way, and not Hunniford as I always like to think of it. I was cursed with fumbling hands and kept turning over 2 pages at once. So I was getting even more confused with instructions to take it from Gloria Gloria which is just before Gloria Gloria. I’d only listened to the Alto track so hadn’t realised how sparkly it gets when we all sing together, especially when it all kicks off (sorry about my music terminology) just after the Gloria Glorias.

I like the gospel feel of ‘Rise Up Shepherd and Follow’ and us gravel-voiced Altos have some sexy low notes. Hooray! Gary did one of his mnemonic tricks to help the men remember the order of sheep from Baaaa 44. SLER – Sheep – Lambs – Ewes – Rams.


Us ladies will just follow ewes

Us ladies will just follow ewes


We sang all of ‘Frozen ‘ for Gary to hear and see the results of Mark’s hard work last week. It’s obvious that this is going to be an Inspiration favourite, and I reckon it will already be sounding great. Speaking of ‘Frozen’ did you see that clip of Robbie Williams and his wife? Well Robbie bless him wanted to soothe her with his singing whilst she was in labour. She was very polite given the circumstances!



After the break Gary announced that he wanted to do a full run through of the concert. We replied in unison with a squeaky WHAT! using exactly the voice that the ladies have to use in ‘Frozen’. But this wasn’t high jinks, he was deadly serious. Luckily we were allowed to use our books at this stage. We had to skip a few numbers because we were running out of time, but managed to do ‘Frozen’ again and to squash in the long but nice ‘Pure Light’.

So that was our first taster of the concert as a whole, and I think it’s nice to have an idea of it so early on. It means we can start to get fit for our two performances, as it is a ‘big sing’ as many in the choir say. I came out of the rehearsal slightly less grumpy and with a better idea of which numbers to focus on all of them. It’s also given me enough time to search out and break in a pair of comfortable concert shoes. I might even splash out for a pair of black slippers for the second performance 😉


Happy word learning …… shoe searching …… pre-concert dieting.

See you all next week.

Lorraine xx




One Response to “Gloria Gloria and a canny few sheep”

  1. Cynthia Hall November 4, 2014 at 6:29 am #

    Brilliant Lorraine x will look forward to tomorrow’s as I’m missing – on hols xx

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