A week of hissing, more sheep, and of course Frozen

15 Nov

Hi everyone

This week’s weird warm ups included one of our old favourites of finding your diaphragm muscle (after much feeling about) and hissing. The idea was to keep your shoulders, neck and throat relaxed, engage your diaphragm, and hiss 3 times. It was all going along swimmingly until Gary started pointing at people who were doing it incorrectly. Yes you guessed it. Who did he pick on first? Me! He was very subtle about it though, ever so subtle, when he pointed and said that my shoulders were going up and down, and not staying relaxed. I grappled around for a good excuse, but unfortunately the best I could come up with was “it’s my bra”. I’m still at a loss as to why I said that, but moving on I don’t think he heard me anyway. He was too busy doing a Tommy Cooper ‘just like that’ impersonation of how not to do the exercise.

I wasn’t alone in being pointed out, so that’s some consolation. The thing is you never really know what you look like when you’re doing these exercises. I always assumed that I looked pretty daft, but never really thought I’d gone the whole hog and resembled Tommy Cooper 😉

Anyway I’ll be ready and waiting when we next hiss again, and I’ll definitely put into practise the things I’ve learnt:


  • relax a bit more
  • don’t stand on the front row
  • stop smoking cigars in rehearsals


Gary enjoyed taking the hiss out of us, whilst we were making the hiss  [photo from Wikipedia]

Gary enjoyed taking the hiss out of us, whilst we were making the hiss
[photo from Wikipedia]


In ‘Rise Up Shepherd and Follow’ the sopranos and altos had a competition over the sexy notes in bar 10.



The altos always win with the dirty low notes
From: http://www.mille-soeren.dk



It was a good week for anyone playing Gary Bingo, and a new word ‘SUPER’ will be added for next week. In ‘Rise Up Shepherd’ to help the men go from woolly to super we played around with the herds of sheep, lambs, ewes and rams in Baaaaaaa 40. A line on Gary Bingo was called with “put the music down men, as it hasn’t helped before”. It wasn’t long before the men were word perfect and super.

Then onto the ‘Frozen Medley’. We started off the ‘Na na na hey ya na’ in a very posh way. Gary stopped us for sounding too choral, almost as if we were singing the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ he said. ‘Na-na-lujah’ anyone? I think it might catch on. In the end by doing a Hilda Ogden impersonation and going all nasal, we were able to get the ‘na na’ bits all punchy and with kicking consonants.

We practised the interjection in bar 60, starting from where the men sweetly sing ‘I mean it’s crazy’. Our reply of ‘WHAT’ was at first a little too harsh, in fact it was described as being ‘too busy housewife shouting at the kids’.



It was good to learn sections of ‘Frozen’ by rote, with the books first, then with the books lying on the floor at the right page, and eventually off the books. So by the end of the rehearsal it wasn’t too shocking to attempt a full run through of ‘Frozen’ by heart. Nobody harshly shouted ‘WHAT???’ or shrugged their shoulders in a ‘just like that’ way. We were all up for the challenge and give or take the odd ‘Na na’ or ‘hey ya na’ we did it.

We all left feeling happy and singing ‘Let it go’ and ‘Do you wannna build a snowman’ to ourselves. Not sure about you, but I feel like a right diva singing these songs and I love it 😉

See you all next week and happy word learning.

Lorraine xx




2 Responses to “A week of hissing, more sheep, and of course Frozen”

  1. Cynthia Hall November 16, 2014 at 4:56 pm #

    Ahh Lorraine, luv it I’m on holiday so missed 2 weeks, but will be back on Wednesday, can’t wait xx

    • singingalto2 November 16, 2014 at 6:25 pm #

      See you Wednesday. Hope you had a good holiday x

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