Slow stand …….. not that slow!

23 Nov

Hi everyone

This week’s weird warm ups began with scales. Nothing new there really, but it’s been a while since we added numbers and ‘do-re-mi’ into the mix. We progressed from ‘one, one-two, one-three’ with the one side of the choir being the ‘ones’ and the other side continuing up to ‘eight’. It was quite difficult and took some concentration. As did the silent ‘three’, which was silent for most of us although I’m sure I heard a ‘THr…oops’ from the other side of the room.

We hadn’t been doing this for very long when it became obvious that we’d lost the interest of one of the basses.


A well supported yawn from the Phantom Yawner caused a stir

A well supported yawn from the Phantom Yawner caused a stir


After the yawning kerfuffle we moved on to ‘Do-Re-Mi’ as in ‘doe a deer a female deer…..ray a drop of golden sun …….. tea I have at five ‘cos I’m not posh’ etc. It was difficult to sing a ‘one-seven’ or a ‘So’ without going through the whole scale first. By the time I’d got to ‘So’ in my head we’d moved onto something else. It would have been weird of me to be singing out ‘Fa’ when everyone else was taking ‘Five’. Which has just reminded me of something I’d forgotten (handy that), at the start of the warm ups Gary was shouting out random parts of the body – ‘neck – throat – chest ………… ears …….. little toe’. Now it was either to relax which ever part was named, or it was to breathe into that part of the body. Anyway it was rather weird and wonderful, and relaxed raised a titter or two.

We did some work to slidify (that’s a new word for Gary Bingo) the change of pace in ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’. Then we moved on to our new number ‘A Baby Changes Everything’ in which we will be backing singers for Sara.


Backing singers eh?

Backing singers eh?


We sang our new ‘Ahs’ and ‘Hallelujahs’ as best as we could. Summed up by Gary as “Don’t worry Sara, it’ll sound a lot better than this!” But the real fun began with his instruction for us to do a slow stand when we start to sing. “As slow as possible” was his original instruction.


The women approached the slow stand cautiously

The women approached the slow stand cautiously



Whilst the men are still sitting there

Whilst the men are still sitting there


The slow as possible instruction was quickly replaced, because it was quite evident that nobody was going to be the first to move.


Eeee Vera this backing singing isn't too bad is it?

Eeee Vera this backing singing isn’t too bad is it?


Gary gave a slow-motion geriatric demonstration of how not to do a slow stand, holding onto his back and easing himself off the seat slowly. In the end he decided on a exaggerated scooping ‘stand up slowly but not that slow’ gesture, which I think we mastered.

Then we did a full run through without books as far as possible, but relying on them at times. I sat out for the last few numbers as my back was hurting, although I have to add this was nothing to do with my attempt at the slow stand. It sounded really good and it was a nice treat to be able to hear the choir as a whole.

Next week we are going for another full run through, and soon no doubt it’ll be By Heart Week. Time is creeping up on us and it won’t be too long before the concert, so best that I move into the advanced brain washing and word learning stage.

I can’t believe it’ll be Christmas soon!

See you all next week.

Lorraine x



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