Do you wanna build a snowman?

7 Dec

Hi everyone

Hope you all enjoyed singing in Edinburgh yesterday. From the Facebook photos it looked like you had a fun-packed day. One question though, has the dress code changed? I could see you all looking smart in your concert attire of black with a splash of red, but there also seemed to be a hint of paper antlers? I think they should be kept for the concert, after all they could be this year’s sweaty clapper ūüėČ

Anyway I’m glad you all enjoyed yourselves on the Santa train. It’s a shame that the main man (Gary that is, not Santa. I know you met Santa) couldn’t have been with you. But it looks like Mark is doing a grand job of keeping the Inspiration family fun going, and I’m sure he’ll be doing his usual magic of conducting / playing the piano / mouthing the words /¬†nodding his head to keep time. Whoever says that ¬†men can’t multi-task, obviously hasn’t met our Mark. Well done Mark and best wishes for the big concert day.

So with no Gary for a little while that means¬†Gary Bingo will have to rollover to next year. Anyone who was sweating for either “hands on knees, your own knees” or “whatever is sliding down your face in the concert don’t wipe it off” will have to wait. Rest up at home Gary and get well soon. I know you’ll be upset to miss out, but we need you well and fixed.

I wasn’t able to go to last Wednesday’s rehearsal, so I missed Mark taking a full run through of the concert. I hope you were successful in getting through it all by heart? I’m not sure what the difficult numbers are this year. Is there a nemesis the size of ‘Scotland the Brave’ or ‘that Christmas Welsh one’? I know I’d been getting my shepherds and angels muddled, and in parts some things ring, whilst¬†others¬†sing. Plus there’s only one angel who goes ‘ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooooooooh’ and I had mistakenly thought there was a host of them. But for me none of this word learning matters now, as I recently¬†found out that I can’t do the¬†concert.





I know it’s crazy, but I don’t get to finish anyone’s sandwiches, rise up a shepherd,¬†or sing ‘Gloria, Gloria’. I’ll be home alone, taking the wistfulness of ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ to another level.


Me at home pretending that I'm in the Christmas concert

At¬†home pretending that I’m in the Christmas concert


Unfortunately I’ve got to have another operation on my back, and it’s on the 16th December (4 days before the Sage concerts). I wasn’t expecting this and had hoped to be included in all the singing activities. But as I said last time I missed stuff, and the time before the last time, there’s always next time.

So have fun in the run up to Christmas and of course in the concerts. If I can I might try to come along to the dress rehearsal or afternoon performance. I really wanted to sing the ‘Frozen Medley’, but I’ll have to let it go and hopefully will be able to hear it fully polished and orchestrated instead.

If I can get to the concert, you never know I might be able to blog about it from an audience¬†perspective. It’ll be just like being part of it, but without the cake, the chocolates, the dressing room selfies, and of course the singing!

See you all soon. Best wishes to Mark for the big day and get well soon Gary.

Oops and Happy Christmas too.

Lorraine xx




2 Responses to “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

  1. Sue Maughan December 7, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

    Aw, so sorry to hear you won’t be able to do the concert. But here’s hoping the op gets your back sorted so you’ll be back to full glory(a) very soon x

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