An Alto’s Lament & zombies

21 Oct


This week’s weird warm ups included an old favourite of the Vvvvvvtt, Ffffffffft, Zzzzzt exercises, also known as the tickle your top-set and hockle on the person in front of you game. These exercises are great to practise on your own, perhaps on your morning commute, it’s a guaranteed way to get a seat on the metro.




There was a progression in the ninging exercise, in that we had to sing the “ning-gah” and stop the sound by pinching the nose.


Your own nose (Joke 2016)


The “ning” stops if you are ning-ing right, but if like me and you were ning-ing wrong it didn’t always ning-ing work.

The singing began with a number declared as a favourite by a young audience member from a Christmas Concert past. I quote “I loved it when you sang that zombie one”.

What? Zombies? Eh?

When questioned further it all became clear. It was a case of misheard lyrics.



Let the Zombie King, Emmanuel is coming


There was a discussion on the best way to dance in the Zombie King, as the rhythm is difficult (especially if you have two left feet like me). Consensus was that’s it’s probably best not to ‘go for it’ too energetically.


Sing to the Lord sing sing Allelujah


But don’t be too relaxed either


We sang ‘Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas’ by heart, which was more by chance for me. Gary stopped us and asked that we put some more character into it. We dutifully obeyed, but we were stopped again as he wasn’t that keen on our attempt.


Sing it art lard


I was traumatised by the 12 ways of singing ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ or an Alto’s Lament as I now secretly call it. It’s a nightmare, but it did help me get some extra practice on the ‘ffffffffftttt’ exercises.

I’ll have to try harder with that one and will properly listen to the rehearsal track. At least it’s not in French, Welsh, or Lion King type chants, so I might stand a chance with it. BUT at the moment I’m in that I can’t do it phase. Never mind I’ll put a brave face on it.

My ’12 Days of Christmas’ brave face


See you all next week and happy rehearsing.

It’s nearly Halloween, so time to get your Christmas tree and decorations up. Oh I do love being on an Inspiration calendar, where Christmas starts mid September. Best put the sprouts on now 😆

See you soon.

Lorraine xx


One Response to “An Alto’s Lament & zombies”

  1. suepook October 21, 2016 at 10:49 pm #

    I’m assuming you mean the sprouts for Christmas 2017. It’s way too late for this year’s now…

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