First full run through … books optional

5 Nov

Hi everyone

This week was a surprise full run through of the concert. In no particular order and scoring ourselves as we went along. The idea is to give yourself a score out of ten for words and for notes, then at the end you’ll know what you know, and also more importantly you’ll know what you don’t know.

I mainly scored seven for the words. But don’t be too impressed, I was using my book for the whole rehearsal.


Will I ever get used to my varifocals?


I often found myself tongue-tied, cross-eyed, and tripping on to the wrong line in the music. In ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ I’m totally unable to count backwards from twelve to one whilst also singing the wrong notes harmony. It’s too much for my brain. My biggest problem at the moment is on the fifth day of Christmas and it’s driving me mad.





Poor old ‘Frosty’ got a rough time of it.



Frosty in a not so jolly mood


With ‘Frosty the Snowman’ I can sing it at home with the CD. I can sing it in the car, in the shower, in my head, in fact anywhere except in the rehearsal with everyone else.



A frosty reception from the judges


Another low scorer for me was the ‘Shepherd’s Pie Pipe Carol’. I made a right meal of that, minced my words and everything. It was all going along quite nicely until the ‘oohs’ and then I was side-swiped and knocked out the game.



On the way to Bethlehem …. Ooooooh……..


My high scorers were the ‘Candlelight Carol’ and ‘Let the song begin’. Hopefully when we do this exercise again they’ll still be at the top. That’s the worry that you focus on one thing, say ‘Frosty’, for that to then push out things you knew a few weeks ago.

So I’ve promised myself that I will have a rehearsal filled week in all my usual venues – my car, in the bath, in my head, and annoyingly in the middle of the night with a dreaded earworm.

From Wednesday’s self-scoring rehearsal I wrote down the things I have to work on. Two things mainly –

  1. The words
  2. The notes

How did your scoring go?

Have a lovely week practising and see you soon.

Lorraine x


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