Hark, Hark ……What was that?

18 Nov

Hi everyone

So after a run of high ‘nee-naars’ this week we did another full run through. My first thought was ‘another one?’ and then I remembered that we’re not that far off the concert. It’s only 3 weeks away – if I deduct work time, sleep time and all of my telly time (I’m a Celebrity, The Missing, Westworld, Neighbours, and any other old rubbish) – that means it’s getting scarily close, so I better start some serious word learning.


Happy Holiday

Exercising and brainwashing – it’s the future.


I managed without my book for ‘Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas’ although I got my verily merilys muddled. Not sure why that happened, but I hate it when a new mistake pops up for no reason.

At the start of the rehearsal I had made a promise to myself that I would be totally off the book with no cheating. Unfortunately only one number later I had to break that promise. It’s Frosty’s fault, not mine.




Be nice to the altos Frosty

Source: http://www.mediashow.ro/221991


I stumbled through the air, walking only very occasionally. Gary said the ‘Shepherd’s Pipe Carol’ this week had a lovely air of insouciance. I have to admit to looking this word up, thinking it would mean ‘winging it by yodelling through the oohs’ but I was pleasantly surprised.



An easy-going Shepherd’s Pipe Carol


A lot of the laughter this week came from discussions on how to dance in ‘Let the Song Begin’, when the mood changes to the strong latin beat. Gary suggested maybe trying the Ed Balls’ Gangnam Style, which I also had to look up.

Warning: once you have seen this clip it can never be unseen.



Perhaps we could also use the ‘hey sexy lady’ steps? Would they work in ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’? Perhaps not, it’s difficult enough already.

In the break Mark gave us a taster of his new solo piano album ‘Lightburst’. As we all know he’s very clever and talented. His album launch concert is on 26th November 2016 at the Jesmond United Reform Church, 7.30pm.

The biggest laugh in the 2nd half, surprisingly was not our attempt at ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. But instead came in the middle of ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing’.


Tommy Cooper

Just like that………What was that? [photo from Wikipedia]


Just like that there was a huge bang behind me, which made everyone jump. I couldn’t think what it was. Gary was clasping his chest in shock and laughing, and the altos were all a titter. Had Rudolph veered off course and crashed into the church window? ‘Smerely a matter of reason. Had some naughty boys thrown a snowball at the window to disrupt our singing? Again wrong and totally irrational, but I did genuinely think this for longer than sensibly possible.

No it was Mark’s loud piano playing booming through the speakers. Honestly what a shock, it took quite a while to recover after that. The altos were in shock – Ethel dropped her knitting, Dolly nearly choked on her Vocal Zone, and poor old Madge she lost her place in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. I’m sure that special sound effect will become a weekly feature as it got such a laugh.

I’ll need to lie down and relax with ‘Lightburst’ after all that.

So only 3 weeks to go and as we know time flies (like a reindeer). I’ve made another promise to myself to try for a week without my book. Hopefully next time I can be more true to this promise and myself, and last longer than one song.

See you soon.

Here’s to a swotty week ahead.

Lorraine x

I hope the Ed Balls clip works if you are viewing this by email?




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