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I’m Lorraine, I’ve been singing Alto 2 for a number of years as part of the large singing family that is Inspiration. I’ve been writing this weekly blog since the Christmas Concert in 2011 (the one with Perky Do Do) and it has received loads of support and encouragement from Inspirationers in both Newcastle and Leeds. It’s survived and recorded our Christmas concerts in 2011, concerts to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic, Here’s to the Heroes concerts, the shenanigans of our Edinburgh trip, our blingiest Christmas ‘Believe’ concert, the ‘And the winner is concert’ with the fabulous Lion King Medley in March 2013, and our Christmas concert for 2013 titled ‘Happy Holidays’. We have lots of laughs along the way and also get to sing now and again.

I’ve missed a few of terms, in which all the exciting things happened. In April 2014 Inspiration members from Leeds and Newcastle went on Tour to New York to sing in some fabulous venues, including Carnegie Hall. I missed singing the Muppet Show in the summer 2014 concert, and dodged a word-learning bullet when you all had to learn Icelandic for HoppyWhatNot. Now I’m back in time for Christmas 2016, although it’s weird because some people are still on summer holiday, Sainsbury’s on the High Street are selling Halloween stuff, whilst Oxfam in their window display are knee deep in Santas and festive gifts.

In total the blog has had over 20,500 views. There have been views from as far flung as Newcastle, Gateshead, Leeds and India (but I think that was just a lucky monkey who wanted macaroons and got an iPhone instead). The blog is 5 years old, give or take the few concerts I have missed.

My posts are very much tongue-in-cheek (quite difficult for a singing blog) and give a snapshot of that week’s Newcastle rehearsal. They are by no means to be taken seriously or even bizarrely that much about singing itself. I hope they give a snapshot of the fun we have in rehearsals, usually I let Gary do the jokes and then write them up as I remember them. With the marvellous resource that is the Internet I also look for clipart or photos that help portray the mood. I find it easier to look for daft photos first and then write the words based on them. We meet old friends along the way like our beloved Perky Do Do from the ‘Everywhere Christmas Tonight’ concerts in 2011, and of course our good old Big Normas that get an airing every now and again 😉

I’ve had a quick skip through the music and there’s some that we’ve sung before, but also new ones and some new old ones marked (2016). I realise writing that doesn’t actually say anything so I think it’s best to come along to the concert instead and encourage as many people as you can to do so.

I’ve done a bit tidying up and have created playlists for Newcastle and Leeds, they are things that I have bookmarked over the years. Lovely memories that deserve to be kept.

I hope you enjoy reading these posts. If you have any feedback on the blog, the playlists, or anything else please let me know.

Look forward to another term of rehearsals for Inspiration Newcastle, Leeds, and now also Southampton with exciting concerts to follow. I love singing Christmas stuff, although it is a bit of shock in October.

Lorraine x


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