Thinking of Christmas

27 Jul

Hi everyone

Why am I blogging on this hot and sweaty summer day, I hear you ask. Why am I thinking about Christmas, rather than enjoying this lovely sunshine? Why not sunbathe like a normal person?

Well I was sunbathing but it got too hot, and to be frank this is got me thinking about sweaty clappers 😉

Remember them? The sweaty clappers from last year’s Believe Christmas concert that is, I hope you weren’t being smutty.  Anyway I thought I would give up sunbathing give my sweaty clapper a break and read some old blog posts about previous Christmas concerts.

Everywhere Christmas 2011 rehearsals were the first ones that I blogged about. This was the term of Mancini madness, those damn chestnuts roasting on an open fire that we altos didn’t like. We sang them so begrudgingly as they sounded so wrong on their own, and they took weeks to get right.

We had to learn the names of Rudolph and his reindeer mates, along with Olive the other reindeer.


Not forgetting Ms Perky Do Do and the head wobbles

Not forgetting Ms Perky Do Do and the head wobbles


For Christmas 2011 we sang gospel ‘from below our diaphragm’ (a polite way to say from our loins) for ‘Hallelujah to the King of Glory’. This involved a dodgy demonstration of the correct stance, which appeared to be a cross between Vic Reeves, a gun-slinging cowboy,  and someone giving birth.


Get off 'yer horse and sing gospel

Get off ‘yer horse and sing gospel


Everywhere Christmas 2011 ended with the top Inspiration sob-fest, brought on by singing and holding out a plastic tea-light. I probably haven’t given that moment justice in my last sentence, so I’ve included it below because it’s still fabulous.



Then on to 2012. The year of the sweaty clapper, and our blingy Believe Christmas concert. In this concert we sang in Welsh, which we thought was a challenge at the time (it was pre-Lion King).


Sang all the Welsh correct YES!

Sang all the Welsh correct YES



There was lots of smuttiness in rehearsals when we had to cheeky wink on our bushels. This continued into concert day when we held on tight to our sweaty clappers for fear of letting out a tinkle too early.


Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells all seem to say throw cares away.

Use some blu-tack, stick clapper back.

Ding dong, ding dong.


There was ‘Somewhere in My Memory’ which had the best ever word mix up in ‘Sandals in the window’. We sang this wrongly nearly every week, and it became our own little tribute to Mother Teresa.

From sandals to snowmen and walking in the air. Ah this was lovely wasn’t it? We’re walking in the air, I’m sipping on an Irn Bru ….



I hope you’ve enjoyed this little skip down memory lane into Inspiration’s Christmas past. Its still sunny so I think I’ll take those sandals out of the window and go out walking in the air.

See you soon.

Lorraine x


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